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We offer you 4 videos which will allow you to discover the newest release from Laboderm Laboratories: the Dermanov’ micro cannula. 

Injecting dermal fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, to treat wrinkles has become increasingly common. The results obtained are natural and do not require invasive procedures such as surgery. Dermanov’ is a revolutionary "Micro Cannula" consisting of a flexible, metal stem. Thanks to its flexibility the user can easily enter under the skin and treat large areas from the entry point. Thanks to the micro cannulae, there are no longer hematomas as is the case with needles. 
Patients can resume their daily activities immediately with confidence thanks to the absence of marks.

To augment this product, Laboderm, a specialist in sterile, disposable dermatology, dermatological surgery, and cosmetic surgery sets, developed the DERMANOV 'Kit.

In addition, we produced a video showing an example of Dermmanov ' micro cannulae injections, which will allow you to see its benefits.

Finally, we made a video synthesizing 10 Lessons for measuring the impact of this revolutionary product. Laboderm: Dermanov ' micro cannulae (see the corresponding video).

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