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Filler Injection Technology

Filler Injection Technology

Injecting dermal fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, to treat wrinkles has become increasingly common. The results obtained are natural and do not require invasive procedures such as surgery.

Historically these micro injections were performed using a small needle. Today Laboderm Laboratories offers a new way to perform these injections.

Dermanov’ is a revolutionary "Micro Cannula" consisting of a flexible, metal stem. Thanks to its flexibility the user can easily enter under the skin and treat large areas radiating from the entry point.
Dermanov’ cannulae have blunt tips in order to avoid altering tissues and affecting nerves or vessels as with needles. 

Thanks to the micro cannulae, there are no longer hematomas, which are caused by needles. Patients can thus return to work immediately with confidence as there are no marks. 
As the micro cannula has a blunt tip, it is necessary to make a pre-hole with a needle with a diameter slightly larger than that of the micro cannula. Once the micro cannula is inserted, the practitioner can inject the filler product in the peripheral zone at the entry point. 

Depending on the length of micro cannula used, the practitioner can treat larger or smaller areas while reducing the number of insertions at the entry point. 

Dermanov’ offers a wide range of diameters and lengths to adapt to different dermal fillers.
Thanks to larger diameters, the practitioner can expand treatments to areas that would otherwise be too painful or tedious to perform with a needle such as the hands or neck.

Injections with micro cannulae require the practitioner to work in optimal, sanitary conditions. For this reason, Laboderm Laboratories has developed the DERMANOV'Kit, which is recommended for both micro cannula and needle injections. Due to its composition, this set allows you to avoid contamination and work in safe conditions. The practitioner should also use sterile gloves, which are not provided in the kit but available in the discovery pack.

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