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About us

Les Laboratoires Laboderm

Notre entreprise

With over 5000 products, Laboderm is the official distributor of major international and innovative brands in the fields of dermatology, dermatological surgery, and cosmetic surgery. .
At Laboderm, you can find all materials and equipment needed for your clinic or office.  
We offer the most products used in dermatology, many of which are conceived and designed by Laboderm.

In order to be able to anticipate the needs of practitioners, Laboderm is supported by :
- The skills and motivation of its staff, many of whom are health professionals
- The strength, structure, and growth of the NOVOMED Group

For more information click here : Novomed Group.

New releases at Laboderm

Already a name among health professionals practicing cosmetic procedures, Laboderm launches Dermanov’, its range of micro cannulae for dermal filler injections.

These micro cannulae have been developed with consideration for the evolution of filler injection technology and aim to be efficient, safe and innovative for practitioners and their patients.

Nos produits

The following are some of our products:  

  • Ethicon and Dynek sutures
  • Skin punches
  • Dermatological curettes
  • Scalpels
  • Dermatoscopes

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