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Micro cannulas
for injection fillers

Micro cannulas fillers for cosmetic surgery:
wrinkle injection, hyaluronic acid injection, micro injection cannula.

Filler Injection Technology

Dermanov’ is a revolutionary "Micro Cannula" consisting of a flexible, metal stem.
Thanks to its flexibility the user can easily enter under the skin and treat large areas radiating from the entry point.

Micro cannulas for injection fillers
Dermanov 'cannulas have been specially designed for injections of filler (hyaluronic acid...)
The balance between flexibility and rigidity provides access to areas that are difficult to treat with the needle, while minimizing the risk of hematomas
Luer lock
Ergonomic Luer Lock base Top safety prevents disengagement during use
Dermanov' Kit
The Dermanov'kit allows the practitioner to avoid contamination and work under the safest conditions.
Micro cannulas for injection fillers
Dermanov' : of sizes to fit all your fillers, treatment of larger areas through one, Luer Lock...

About us

Since 1999, Laboderm is the partner of dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

With more than 5000 items, Laboderm has become a leading manufacturer and distributor in the field of dermatology, surgery and plastic surgery.

Many products for dermatology are designed and engineered by Laboderm :

  • high precision surgical kits
  • high precision sutury kits
  • body biopsy kits
  • high precision surgery instruments
  • canulas
  • esteticPen (microneedling)

Find in Laboderm, all the necessary equipment for the practitioner : sutures Ethicon & sutures Dynek, punchs, scalpels, dermatoscopes.

To always anticipate the needs of practitioners, Laboderm can rely on :
- the skills and motivation of its staff 
- the strength, structure and growth of Novomed Group.

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